Nikos’s pose with his fan could not be more fabulous (Picture: Facebook/Shealah Craighead)

A man who won teacher a teacher of the year competition has used his meeting with Donald Trump to display LGBT pride.

Nikos Giannopoulos, who won Rhode Island Teacher of the Year, visited the Oval Office in April.

An official picture from the event shows the teacher wearing a rainbow pin on his suit jacket and he is casually waving a lacey black fan alongside Trump, who is smiling and seated at his desk with Melania standing on Trump’s left.

Giannopoulos posted the photo to his Facebook page on Thursday. By Friday afternoon it had been shared thousands of times.

His caption for the photo included three rainbow emojis and said ‘Rhode Island Teacher of the Year 2017 meets the 45th President of the United States. That’s all.’


Teacher gets absolutely fabulous picture of himself with Donald Trump

Could he be any more fabulous? (Picture: Facebook/Shealah Craighead)

Teacher gets absolutely fabulous picture of himself with Donald Trump

Nikos Giannopoulos used his visit to take pride in the queer identity (Picture: Facebook)

In a previous post, Giannopoulos said he wore the pin ‘to represent my gratitude for the LGBTQ community’ and brought the fan ‘to celebrate the joy and freedom of gender nonconformity.’

‘Taking pride in queer identity means rejecting the shame imposed upon us by a harsh society,’ he wrote. ‘It means opening yourself up to a lifetime of criticism and misunderstanding, but knowing that it’s worth it to be able to live authentically.’

Giannopoulos is a special-education teacher at the Beacon Charter High School for the Arts in Woonsocket, according to the Rhode Island Department of Education.

Trump met with Teacher of the Year winners on April 26 at their traditional White House visit.