On World Elephant Day, Learn How To 'Speak' Elephant

12 Aug 2017
New Delhi:  For the first time ever, you can now "speak" elephant. A new website, launched on World Elephant Day, "translates" simple human words and emotions into elephant calls that signal similar emotions or intentions. 

Using "100% genuine elephant sounds," the Hello in Elephant website translates words, phrases and even emojis (hello, 2017) into elephant calls. Developed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and ElephantVoices, the campaign is an effort to raise awareness and showcase the "elephant language."

The concept is pretty simple. Want to say "hello" in elephant? Type in the greeting on the website and wait to get a "translation," which is an elephant call used to greet one another. Once you have your translated phrase, share it on social media

speak elephant screenshot 2 650

Here's what "hello" sounds like in elephant:


According to ElephantVoices, jumbos produce a broad range of sounds from very low frequency rumbles to higher frequency snorts, barks, roars, cries and other idiosyncratic calls. Asian elephants also produce chirps.

The use, production, frequency and tone of specific calls are influenced by the elephant's age and gender.

For this project, elephant biologist and conservationist Joyce Poole and her team from ElephantVoices used sound recording to capture vocalisations made by elephants in Kenya.

World Elephant Day, marked on August 12 each year, is used to raise awareness of the plight of Asian and African elephants.